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Summary of Services

  • Faith Based, Locally Owned & Operated
  • Knowledgeable & Consistent Customer Service
  • Frequent Visits by Seasoned Sales Representatives
  • EPS Representative Takes Orders When Requested
  • Storage Room Management
  • Online Ordering via
  • Tracking Tools
  • Business Review Breakdowns of Dollars Per Resident Per Day
  • Monthly & Quarterly Reports
  • MedB Billing
  • Dispensers at No Charge For Paper, Soaps & Sanitizers
  • On Call Staff for Weekends & Holidays
  • Sales Representatives Available For After Hour Emergencies
  • Provide Safety Data Sheets – SDS (Formerly Called MSDS), For All Products Purchased
  • Therapy Equipment
  • iPad Technology of Instant Ordering Anywhere in the Facility
  • All Products Ship From One Location
  • 98% Fill Rate
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Free Pick Up on All Returns
  • Separate, Label, and Individually Package Orders For Specific Areas With the Facility
  • $250 Freight Minimum Across the Board


  • Span America
  • Tena
  • Smith and Nephew
  • Gojo
  • Dacotah Paper
  • Kendall/Covidien
  • Nestle
  • Abbott Nutrition
  • Arkray
  • American Diagnostics
  • 3M Advanced Wound care
  • Invacare
  • MedCare Products
  • MC Healthcare
  • Joerns
  • NOA Medical
  • Teleflex Medical
  • Primary Products
  • And many more!

Level of Service

EPS is a product of the industry; none of our competitors can make that claim. Having been born from within the heart of long-term care, EPS is intimately aware of the issues facing the industry. EPS’s only reason to exist is to serve the industry that created it.

In the accomplishment of our mission and purpose, EPS’s strategy is focused on providing innovative products, applications, and services that drive productivity improvements. We do so by developing value-added applications and solutions to foster continued market development and expansion.

EPS offers product training through our manufacturers for all of our product lines. Facility in-services, website training, storage room set up and par level management are available to each of our facilities.

EPS staff is available to aid in product selection and offer alternatives. Our staff is familiar with each customer’s ordering patterns and product selections which enhances order accuracy and eliminates unnecessary freight costs.

Orders can be placed by phone, fax, email, at, or by a sales representative. Every customer will have a sales representative assigned as a main contact who will make scheduled routine visits. During routine visits sales representatives are available to deliver products and pick up returns eliminating unnecessary shipping costs.

In the event of an emergency or outside of normal business hours, our sales representatives have access to our warehouse and are available to deliver products to our customers.



EPS is pleased to offer education through Health Care Academy, a leading provider of online training for Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, and Home Care. HCA can help drastically improve the efficiency, accuracy, quality and satisfaction of your organization’s education.

HCA offers comprehensive QIS and MDS 3.0 training packages coupled with regulatory, CNA, nursing and administrator CE and leadership training. Along with the QIS and MDS package, HCA also offers an all-inclusive Hospital Readmission Curriculum and assessment tool.

HCAs long-term care curriculum includes:

  • Required training & new-hire orientation
  • Licensed nursing
  • Leadership academy
  • Patient care
  • Mental health topics
  • Quality Indicator Survey (QIS)
  • MDS 3.0

The learning management system allows you to:

  1. Create accounts for each member of your staff, allowing you to easily assign different coursework to different staff and departments.
  2. Quickly access certificates of completion, detailed training records, and facility compliance reports.
  3. Store training records on our server for six years or download to your computer in a spreadsheet.
  4. Allow staff to test competency in basic learning and move on to advanced concepts faster with our Adaptive Learning Pathway (ALP).
  5. Author your own Microsoft Word, Power Point or PDF files as lessons that can be assigned to your staff. Quizzes can be added to the end of any of your lessons.
  6. Access coursework and administrative features via our website from virtually any computer, 24/7/365.





Educational Seminars

EPS annually organizes a wound care seminar on Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of Pressure Injuries & Lower Extremity Ulcers. The seminar’s primary speaker and host is Jeri Lundgren, a RN/BSN that is also a certified PHN and CPT.

Jeri Lundgren has been working in long term care since 1990, specializing in wound care nationally since 1994. She is board certified as a CWS (Certified Wound Specialist) by the American Board of Wound Management and a CWCN (Certified Wound Care Nurse) by the WOCN Society.

The seminar offers 6.5 contact hours with a focus on:

  • How to perform a skin risk assessment and develop a skin integrity plan of care
  • Intervention to prevent pressure injuries
  • Assessment and staging of pressure injuries
  • Topical management of pressure injuries and
  • Assessment and treatment of lower extremity ulcers (arterial, venous and peripheral neuropathy/diabetic)

Hands-on Service

EPS has created a relationship with Partner Medical who is a national all inclusive DME biller for Long-Term Care and Assisted Living.

EPS/Partner Medical Service Offerings:

  • Training for staff and residents educating them on the program and services available
  • A “no form” program for the facilities they work with
  • An assigned sales representative that will data collect (on-site) all paperwork required for initial preauthorization of insurance for each individual
  • Back-billing on all products not billed by previous DME supplier
  • An all-inclusive pump and maintenance program for all enteral residents (all pumps provided are maintained annually and documented with a maintenance log per manufacturers guidelines)

Current billable supplies for long term care include Urological, Ostomy, Tracheostomy, Advanced Wound Care, and Enteral Feeding.

Current billable supplies for assisted living include Urological, Ostomy, Tracheostomy, Advanced Wound Care, Enteral Feeding, and incontinence management. Assisted living facilities can also bill supplements and wipes through the Elderly Waiver program.


Ordering via Web is a fully interactive website allowing for product research, ordering, account reporting and is accessible 24 hours a day. It displays current product pricing, MSDS information, and product availability. has no implementation costs. The staff of EPS can upload a customized order form based on the purchasing patterns of each individual customer as well as the user’s requested items. Shopping lists can be created and maintained by either the customer or EPS. also offers several different analytical reports including current open orders, open A/R, open quotes, purchase history and copies of invoices. These reports can be run at any time and either displayed on screen or downloaded directly into Microsoft Excel.


Ordering via iPad

Ordering via iPad will enhance our current website capabilities and allow for greater portability and versatility while maintaining different supply rooms throughout the facility.

The iPad is a mobile and productive approach to accessing the most efficient online supply management tools.


Inventory Optimization

SupplyHawk™ streamlines healthcare materials management tasks, enabling you to maximize ancillary charge revenue for products and services, while cutting costs and increasing staff efficiency. SupplyHawk™ can help you, no matter where you are in the health care continuum. Surgery Centers, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independent Living, CCRCs, and Home Health Agencies have all benefited from using SupplyHawk™.

  • Paperless Requistion System
  • Multi-Facility and Campus Support
  • Simple, Powerful, and Easy-to-use
  • Both Online or Offline functionality
  • Option to integrate with handheld barcode scanner
  • Resident & Item photos for easy identification
  • Resident information automatically refreshed in real time

Bar Code Inventory Management System
The easiest, most productive way to make sure caregivers have what they need, where and when they need it! Utilize electronic barcode technology to make tracking of supplies and services fast and easy.

Purchase Order Management
Are you tired of using multiple systems and processes to order different items? SupplyHawk™ gives you one easy system to order, track and receive all types of products from multiple vendors.

Visibility, Reporting, and Analysis
Specialized reports provide comprehensive comparisons and trend analysis between cost, usage, and potential vs. actual charge-outs.


Product Lines

  • Incontinent care
  • Urologicals and Ostomy
  • Wound Care
  • Personal Care Products
  • OTC
  • Soaps and Lotions
  • Nutritional Supplements and Enteral Feeding
  • Infection Control
  • Sharps Containers and Syringes
  • Disposable Med/Surge
  • Housekeeping Supplies and Can Liners
  • Paper and Plastic Products
  • Respiratory Care
  • Diabetic Care
  • Beds, Wheelchairs, Bathroom Safety, Lifts
  • Mattresses and Positioning Products
  • Dispensers